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Chriss Choreo has a great track record of producing quality dance videos. She has worked with many celebrity artistes including but not limited to Sean Paul, Kymani Marley, Nick Canon, and H.E.R .

The cost per one (1) minute promotional video is USD100. The video will be posted to all Chriss Choreo social media platforms; Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube.

The 100USD payment must be made in full prior to the release of the video to you.

Please send your music via the link below "EMAIL"

Ensure that you also include a detailed description of what you would like this dance/music/promotional video to look like. 

Once your music is approved by Chriss, an email will be sent and you can make your payment.

Payment maybe made via the "PAYPAL" button below OR via Local Bank Transfer, OR Western Union.

Please indicate your method of payment in the Email sent with your music and the relevant information will be provided.

*There are no refunds, sale is final*

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